About us

Therafreezy is an online retail store selling, three colors types of products. We are based in Canada with all over America. We offer free shipping to all of those located in the United States and Canada. 
We opened up in 2022 and we are extremely excited to continue to offer our beautiful Therafreezy products. Here at Therafreezy™, our mission is to provide affordable at-home therapy to the whole world! We stand by our guarantee to help relieve your pain no matter what age or gender!

Freeze it & Heat it

with our High- Grade Thermal Gel enjoy cold and hot temperatures for relief. For those hot- headed, sweaty day & for those cold sweaty days that need warmth and better blood circulation.

If you have any questions regarding products, shipping, or returns, or if you are bored and want to send us an email for fun. Whatever it may be, feel free to use the "Contact Us" page to get in touch.

Company Information:

Trade name: Therafreezy
Physical address: 1881 Steeles Avenue West Suite 406, Toronto, Ontario, M3H 0A1, Canada.

Monday - Friday(9:00am - 6:00pm) (GMT-05:00) Eastern Standard Time Toronto

Tel: +1 (302) 316 5237

Email: support@therafreezy.com